Do you still know, how it was?
The world is colorful and lovely
Until some day you understand
That not every good bye
Means that there will be a reunion

Always forward. Step by step.
There is no way back.
What now is, will never be undone.
Time escapes us
What’s done is done
And what is now, will never happen again that way

There is no way back
There is no way back

One word too much said in anger
A step dared too far
And it’s over.
Whatever now is done,
Whatever I have said, is said.
And what seemed eternal, is already past.

Oh, if i only could
Just once
Turn time backwards.
Cause so much of that
What i know today
I’d rather never seen.

Your life only goes in circles
So full of wasted time.
You endlessly postpone your dreams
Some day you want to live your life
But if not today, so when?
Cause some day even a dream is too far away.


— Translation of Wolfheim - Kein Zurück (http://lyricstranslate.com )


That moment when you try to sing both parts of a duet by yourself.

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The Doctor and The Master…

I’m am fucked..


LOLOL its perfect..i think…XD

Greece and Prussia.


Let’s see…Prussia will probably make a…

Romano x Prussia.

…. I can already imagine how many things have been broken… I’m fucked. 

Considering my attitude I can totally imagine them being my parents :I



OTP from another series:

Walter Sullivan/Eileen Galvin

Okay my dad is a ritual mass murderer and my mom is one of his victims that somehow survived.

Nice :D

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Whenever I’m about to get happy something bad happens. Weird. Sometimes I feel like I’m not supposed to ever be happy.

(If anyone actually takes the time to read this, then thank you, really.)

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Tenny nooo ;^;

I just wanna say my little bit.

I think you play Tenny well. I don’t think anyone on the meme is 100% accurate with their characters. I don’t wanna start any arguments because, hey look at me I don’t know anyone from the meme ‘cause I’m one of those new folk. :I To be honest I think anyone who RP’s incorporates their own headcanons into the character they play, so I don’t really see the problem. 

Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten involved, but I don’t want to see someone stop playing a character because they feel like their getting bullied into given them up. 

You don’t know how happy that small post just made me ;n;

/so many hugs for you ;A;

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I wish I could go back a whole year. Everything was so much better then…

I’d give so much, if not anything, if I could just turn back the time, if I could just change things.

Instead all I can do is sit in front of my computer like a moron and fucking cry. Cry over something that other people don’t give a fuck about. Urgh I’m really a waste of space.

I wish I could talk to my mother. Whenever something was deeply troubling me she was there for me. I can’t talk to my dad about most things. What should I do?





since the ask box character limit doesn’t allow for it

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Did my ask even arrive completely? It was quite a lot of text and I don’t know if you got everything (over 600 words in total).

Pff I don’t even have the nationality in common with Tenenbaum anymore. I felt…

I’m not going to keep arguing. I know when I’m bashing my head into a wall.

I just want to say, though, I can’t believe you brought your own mother’s death into an argument about characters.

That wasn’t about the characters, THAT WAS ABOUT THE RPING ITSELF. Jesus fucking christ. No, I’m done with this discussion. I’ll just stop playing the character anywhere near IRC now. Stick to the meme and CoW. And there it’s only having fun anyway.

I just wonder what happened to the meme. A year ago we were really close buddies, everyone of us, but now we start tearing each other apart over such trivial things? Seriously? What has gotten into everyone?

@Gil: I’m sorry, but I don’t know if we will continue or ever finish the RP we started. I was really enjoying it though, just so you know.

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since the ask box character limit doesn’t allow for it

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Did my ask even arrive completely? It was quite a lot of text and I don’t know if you got everything (over 600 words in total).

Pff I don’t even have the nationality in common with Tenenbaum anymore. I felt pretty close to the character, so what? Not only because of the apparent nationality but because some of her… points of view that became clear during the game seemed to apply to me as well. At times I felt like I could really understand her, because in a weird way I shared things with her - as they came across in the game that is. Nothing with my headcanon.

That was the reason for me being kind of angry/sad/in despair when my headcanon crumbled into a dusty mess. So I am an excited fan, so what? A lot of fans are more crazy about the characters than I am. I at least try to fix headcanon and in character somewhat together.

What about all the fangirls saying how gay those guys from Supernatural are together? It’s literally all over my dash if I don’t use tumblr saviour. I don’t watch the show, so I can’t tell you the names, but it’s basically the same, just that they are not roleplaying them.

I’m saying you cannot keep Tenenbaum in-character because that’s exactly what you are doing.

I say I CAN keep her in character. You cannot prove me wrong until I have not been given the chance to prove that I can or can’t. And prove that I can play her in character on the meme? On the CoW? Then people complain it’s not cracky enough. When did people start caring about what we’re doing when it came to plot and in-characterness?
The only thing I have is what I wrote as a fanfiction, which is not me roleplaying but still me trying to get a good grip on the character with the knowledge I had at the time.


And in case you forgot: When I started playing Tenenbaum she wasn’t interested in anyone, then randomness with Lamb happened, then I started playing with Byass and Fronk so the pairing Fontaine/Tenenbaum somehow happened. And until the novel we didn’t even know if that had really happened or if the Paparazzi was just imagining things. Oh spoiler, sorry, but it’s not like it’s anything too important from the novel, barely a page.

And it actually evolved into the Langford/Tenenbaum direction via RP. It’s not that we decided to let that happen from one day to another. It was purely coincidental. Maybe I shipped them before, but I had never planned to ship them in the CoW. I hadn’t even talked to Langford in person in IRC when that had happened.

You and Langy? You only talk about what huge lesbians Tenenbaum and Langford are.

If it came across that we think it’s canon then I’m sorry, but I don’t think it is. It’s my headcanon that I enjoy roleplaying. Weather you think that’s an excuse or not. And since 90% of it is actually happening in our own IRC channel I don’t know why it’s even bothering you. I hardly join whoreshock the last weeks and months because I no longer feel really comfortable there, so it can’t be that much time that we talk about the pairing.

But if it makes you happy I’ll delete all my MirrorTenenbaum and other not-canon-Tenenbaum fanart from my tumblr, Jesus.

I was just enjoying things and a hobby I developed over the last fifteen months and a shipping I developed over the last eleven months. You know at times the horny-lesbians-RP with Langford (aside of Langford herself) was the only thing that made me happy and kept me going when my mother was in the hospital and after she died. For a while it was literally the only purpose I felt I had. But since people could assume I’m pulling a “pity-me-my-mother-died” move I’ll stop rambling here.

Hm, I don’t know if I want to continue rping the character at all now, because apparently all I do with her is completely wrong. Might as well ditch her completely then.

Edit: And nice to see how many people liked your post. Why couldn’t they have told me that it got “a little out of hand” before it got so “extreme”………

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Sometimes when people word things vague I get the feeling that I might be the one that actually got addressed, but then I also might never know because it was so vague. It could also be someone else and I’m just feeling like it was meant for me and feel so incredibly guilty. Pretty bad actually, because that makes me anxious and unsure about what I’m doing.

The truth can hurt if it’s spilled out, yes, but it also hurts if you think people are mad at you if they actually aren’t.




Oh god I almost died but I caught it.

I hate spiders ;n; no matter how small or tall.